The vision of Get Togethers (small groups) is that we would live life together as God's family and be engaged in God's mission. Get Togethers are designed to allow our church body to dive deep into community and find the core people that we are called to "do life" with. The pillars of this ministry is that we would find lasting relationships, develop the leaders that are in our midst, and establish missional communities throughout our city. 

Freedom Get Together - at capacity

Sundays | 6:30pm | Kernersville


Mondays | 10:00 am | Awake Church 

Harris Get Together 

Sundays | 6:00pm | Winston Salem

Ladies Tea Group

Every other Wed | 12:00pm | Lewisville

The Edwards Group

Tuesdays | 6:30pm | Clemmons

The Gathering Get Together 

Sundays | 6:00pm | Awake Church 

Becoming Myself

Mondays | 6:30pm | Clemmons


Bible Art Journaling 

Saturdays | 10:00am | Lewisville


Awaken. Activate. Shine

2nd & 4th Thursdays | 6:30pm I Awake

Core Four - at capacity

Saturdays | 6:00pm | Lewisville

The Viator Group

Thurdays | 6:00pm | Winston Salem

Cheers - at capacity

Wednesdays I 6:30pm I Clemmons