Tips and Reminders


            1) The leader doing all the talking, leading everything

            2) Not allowing others to share their gifts (music, poetry, teaching, cooking, etc)

            3) “The guy” that never quits talking

            4) Wearing people out with long meetings (pick start + stop)

            5) Not having any direction or vision ("just hanging out" and not offering something valuable and specific)

            6) Not allowing discussion to take place, or letting each person share

            7) Forcing your opinions on others, shutting people down

            8) Letting your group get too large, where people can’t all share

            9) Replicating Sunday service

            10) The person that WILL…. NOT…….. LEAVE…



            1) Icebreakers    

            2) Break up into smaller groups for discussion (3-4 people)

            3) Prepare with topics for conversation, or Biblical text

            4) Let the “group” answer the questions asked

            5) Lead with questions, not with teaching

            6) Make time for ministry to one another

            7) Have a meal together where everyone brings food

            8) Pastor the people in your group - stay in touch

            9) Host your group at a clean house with welcoming atmosphere

            10) Keep an extra roll of toilet paper in the bathroom :)


        TOP 10 CHECKLIST:

            1) Make sure the temperature is comfortable

            2) Make sure parking is available

            3) Have a space available for children*

            4) Arrange seating conducive for conversation

            5) Have a closet or room available for coats and purses

            6) Have some background music playing

            7) Ask a “people person” to arrive early to help facilitate conversation

            8) Keep your phone on you, in case people are lost and need directions

            9) Keep watch for people that are alone - introduce them to others

            10) Be considerate of diet restrictions and include options in snacks


*For couples that have small children, one option is to have a GT at a house that is next door or very close to another family that is a part of the same GT. 



David Olinger