We believe that God speaks today in various ways, and His desire is to both encourage and heal people physically.

Prophetic Ministry:  One of the greatest encouragements from God comes from the “more sure word of prophecy,” which is the Bible (II Peter 1:19). The scriptures tell us that God also speaks in other ways, including prophecy (which simply means to “speak forth”). The Apostle Paul explains that the purpose of prophecy is to “edify, encourage and comfort” (I Cor 14:3), and is one of the primary ministries in addition to the written Word that God has chosen to use to build-up people.  Paul also writes that every believer can participate in this life-giving ministry of edifying, encouraging and comforting others.

Awake Church has an active team of people who pursue God for encouraging and comforting words to freely give away to people. This ministry is done in a safe and comfortable setting. No negative or exposing words are allowed, and everything is recorded electronically and sent to you so that you can judge them and receive encouragement.

Prayer Ministry Teams:  Through the name of Jesus and the wounds of Jesus, healing is our inheritance and portion (1 Peter 2:24, Acts 3:6).  Jesus healed every person that came to Him and He said that everything He did we can do also (John 14:12).  Healing is a gift and ministry from the Holy Spirit that is valid and needed today, both in the church and outside of the church.  

Awake Church has ministry teams for both Prophetic Ministry Teams and Prayer Ministry Teams available after most Sunday morning services. 

For more information about either of these ministries, or to participate on one of these teams, use the contact form below. 

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