Invisible Accounts

           Similar to an investment account where consistent deposits are made in order to save and grow funds for later (like an IRA - Individual Retirement Account), every person in the world has an Invisible Account they may not be aware they have.  

            Deposits are made daily into our Invisible Account, with some being much larger than others. Every investment grows with supernatural, compound interest.  An example of this account is found in the life of Joseph, described in the last 13 chapters of the book of Genesis.

            As Joseph lived his life, he was treated wrongly by many people, including those closest to him – his own brothers.  When they sold him as a slave, Joseph somehow forgave them, making a large deposit into his invisible account.  He lived as a slave within Potiphar’s house owning nothing; yet he made a daily choice to not despise his own condition, but instead, to give his heart to faithfully serve and promote his master.  Daily, deposits from the actions of love, forgiveness and serving were unknowingly being made into the invisible account that followed him within an unjust world.

            When Joseph chose not to have sex with Potiphar’s wife, even at her continued request, a large deposit of righteousness went into his invisible account.  When he was falsely accused of rape, a new deposit of justice was made into his account, though he didn’t realize it.

            Daily he suffered in prison with rats and criminals, separated from his father and any support, with only a cloud of accusation hanging over him.  Though Joseph’s natural stock had been devalued to zero, his invisible account was growing exponentially large. Each injustice endured and forgiveness chosen, poured into his account a river of wealth. 

            Then after years of injustice, rejection and accusation, came the first dividend check from an account too full to contain any more.  This small dividend disbursement from his invisible resource propelled him from prisoner to the number two ruler in the entire kingdom instantly.  Next would come a wife, children, wealth, trust, great responsibility, renewed relationship with family, and the wisdom required for it all. 

            Joseph showed us how to live.  Don’t lose faith. Keep doing the right thing when no one sees it.  Provide forgiveness to everyone in bucket loads. Secretly supply justice for others and yours will come at the perfect time.  God doesn’t forget the righteousness we do in secret.  It’s in secret, under difficult situations that our greatest deposits are made, resulting in us becoming more like His Son.

            “…and let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we shall reap if we do not grow weary.”  Gal 6:9


Matt is the Lead Pastor at Awake Church, as well as the founder of the water supplying organization Hydrating Humanity. Matt lives in North Carolina with his beautiful wife Debbie and their five sons. He is an avid storyteller who often shares his own adventure-packed history as well as stories of others that have inspired him.