International Harvester

The Lord gave me a dream with some insight into the harvest that would be coming in the future along with an experience that I believe is an added encouragement.

Let me quickly summarize the dream first.  In the dream, I found myself sitting in the cab of a 1956 International Harvester pickup truck.  Suddenly, the truck took off of it’s own accord, plowing right into a thick forest.  The speed increased dramatically over the next several minutes as the truck ran over everything in its path.  Although I was sitting in the drivers seat, I was not in control;the old vehicle had a mind of its own. I, somehow, inwardly knew that this vehicle was only doing what it was created to do; yet the speed that we were traveling and the feeling of being completely out of control caused me to be afraid.  Out of fear, I attempted to slow the vehicle down to a speed that I felt more comfortable with.  However, my efforts to slow down this Harvester using the brake and emergency brake did not work, and I began to panic. 

Against my better judgment and as a last resort, I depressed the clutch and threw the transmission into reverse, hoping to gain control of the vehicle.  Immediately the Harvester stopped and then quickly took off again in the opposite direction – backwards.  Traveling ten times faster backwards than we had been going forward,  the vehicle was back at the starting point in only a few seconds and I had very nearly run over my father,who had been standing in the path.  Then the dream ended. 

I believe that the main points of interpretation are that the International Harvester Pickup truck represents a large and substantive harvest of souls at the end of the age. The trees that the Harvester touches probably represent the people that the Lord will bring to Himself during this time (wood typically speaks of humanity). Gleaning from the mistakes that I made in the dream will avoid similar ones when the real ride takes off in the future.  The vehicle doing the harvesting is a part of our inheritance, not a result of our efforts (it was my father’s vehicle that he gave to me). I probably represent this present generation of the church and a portion of the church leadership. 

The vehicle that God will use to bring the harvest will probably not look like anything that could do a proper job, but is exactly the vehicle God intends to use. When Jesus came, He didn’t look like what they expected, but was exactly what God wanted and chose.  Once the harvest suddenly begins, we will be moving rapidly in a direction that does not have a road or a path to drive upon; it will run over every program, obstacle and agenda along the way.  This harvest vehicle is not supposed to have brakes, and we aren’t supposed to be in control of it.  It is meant to just have the church aboard and moving forward without fear. 

Some unusual things will happen and it’s ok.  Panic and fear will be the primary feelings we will have to overcome, regardless of how crazy or dangerous it may appear.  The natural fear and need to control, if acted upon, will prematurely stop what He wants to do and take us backwards.  God is the one in control of the vehicle and no harm will come to those inside if we let it run its course.

"But when the crop permits, he immediately puts in the sickle, because the harvest has come." Mark 4:29

After I had the dream, I then had an experience related to it.  While driving home from the mountains of North Carolina one afternoon, I was taken by surprise to see a 1956 International Harvester truck coming directly toward me on a two lane, country road.  My eyes were glued to this old truck driving my way.  The truck then turned onto “Angel Rd.” I slowed down and noticed that the pickup didn’t have a tail-gate and there were several bags of groceries in the back. 

I believe that the Lord was showing me, just as  the dream indicated, His harvester is on the move, about to begin.  The harvester vehicle may be in motion already and on the pathway where angels travel.  The harvester will bring groceries (the bread of life), meaning that Jesus is given to everyone as true food and drink for every hungry and thirsty person.  I believe that soon we will begin to see this International Harvest pick up speed beyond our comfort level, adding to the body of Christ a multitude of new souls.  


Matt is the Lead Pastor at Awake Church, as well as the founder of the water supplying organization Hydrating Humanity. Matt lives in North Carolina with his beautiful wife Debbie and their five sons. He is an avid storyteller who often shares his own adventure-packed history as well as stories of others that have inspired him.