Come, my dear
Unplug the ever-changing scoreboard
Burn the list of “better-thans”
Let the whispers of inferiority be drowned in love once and for all

Spring cleaning!
Hurl the weights, the scales, the balances from your second story window
They’ll never do you any good
You don’t need them

There is no game at all.


Hannah Riggin is the oldest of four, an ISFJ, and the administrator at Awake Church. She was born and raised in Chillicothe, Ohio but currently resides in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Hannah is an avid lover of hiking, tacos, writing, and music. One of her greatest desires is to see others encounter the kindness, goodness, patience, and safety of God - that they would come to find, over and over, that He is better than they ever imagined.