Let's Dance

This morning, I was reminded that today marks the beginning of the summer solstice. It's one of my favorites!  I love the heat, sunshine, and fruitfulness of the summer months. We've been picking blackberries, harvesting vegetables, and visiting area parks and swimming holes.

Today, I'm especially thankful for this restful week. We traveled a long twelve hours to Florida with dear friends. There's just something about sitting on the shore of vastness, watching the neverending as it ebbs and flows.

We're watching life here, invading the sanctuary of the sacred spaces, and breathing in all that is fresh and pure. There's a gathering of people here from many different places. I hear Italy, Spain, and lots of good ole southern dialects. We have converged in this one spot. The crystal clear water and spotless white sand beckon the heart of many to visit every year...tradition.

I'm drawn to the water. The waves crash and offer countless hours of solitude, entertainment for families, and glimpses of marine life.  But there's so much more.

I love this gathering...a common ground for all people.  The Father, the good, good Father, beckons us to the water. He wants to love on us, lavishing our hearts with a reassurance like no other can give.  It's the greatest to come down to the water together, to pray, play, or just be still.  He tells the water how far to come, when to drift back, and when to cease raging. He speaks to me on the wind of the seas. He comforts me in my unknowing. He wraps His loving arms around me with each wave that laps across my skin.  When I drift too far, he reminds me where I started and reels me back in to a focal point.  As I return, we go through the same dance all over again.  He shows me the steps, and we practice daily, this dance of a Father and daughter.  He whispers the most important words to me each day.....you are worthy and I love you.


If you get a chance today, go sit and let the world melt away. Get in a still place, close your eyes, and breath in the fresh wind. Allow His presence to invade you.  Be loved by the beloved.



This week's blog post was written by Awake Church member, April Pendleton.