One Marriage Ministry


ONE Marriage Ministry of Awake Church exists to empower and restore marriages in order to bring glory to God and for those marriages to establish united families, thriving children and a stronger sense of community in our church and in our city.

Fantastic marriages don’t just happen. Fantastic marriages require purposeful investment and engagement with each other. Awake Church has a desire for you to have a dynamic and enjoyable marriage that will last your entire life. We offer the following opportunities to help your marriage flourish.


Premarital Mentoring

Engaged? Planning to have your wedding officiated by an Awake Church pastor? Premarital mentoring is a must to get your marriage off to a good start. It is also a requirement for weddings at Awake Church. Premarital mentoring requires a 6 session commitment. Make sure to request mentoring early to allow enough time to complete all 6 sessions before your wedding.


Group Date Nights with a Purpose

Work stress, bills, over commitments, raising children or even being consumed with our phones can disrupt our marriages. Once a month, we put these distractions aside and we gather as a group for a date night. A short devotional teaching pertaining to marriage is presented, then the evening ends with a fun activity and snacks. There are also occasional group outings like bowling or Putt-Putt. This is a good way to make friends with other married couples.


NAME Marriage Mentoring

NAME stands for the National Association of Marriage Enhancement. It is a network of churches and trained couples known as Certified Marriage Specialists (CMS) that are committed to Biblical marriage ministry. NAME is here to support you whether you are hoping to simply reconnect as a couple, resolve a conflict or if you feel that your marriage needs a complete resurrection. NAME marriage mentoring is couple-to-couple mentoring which allows both husband and wife to be equally represented and valued. Mentoring with a CMS couple is private, confidential and by appointment only.

Contact The Marriage Ministry Team here with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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