Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Matt Peterson, Lead Pastor

Matt is the Lead Pastor at Awake Church, as well as the founder of the water supplying organization Hydrating Humanity. From day to day, Matt can be found speaking on the heart of God, helping others to connect with the person of Jesus, and even on occasion, making electrical repairs via scissor lift around the church building. His passion is to release the Kingdom of Heaven, lead others to a safe, healthy place spiritually, and participate with the family members at Awake to find their purpose and live fully alive.

Originally from Oregon, Matt now lives in North Carolina with his beautiful wife Debbie and their five sons. He is an avid storyteller who often shares his own adventure-packed history as well as stories of others that have inspired him. When he is not at Awake, you may find Matt watching an afternoon football game, enjoying his family, or capturing photos of the outdoors.


David Olinger, Associate & Worship Pastor

David is the Associate and Worship Pastor at Awake Church. David came on staff in 2007, starting as our worship leader. He later started our college ministry “ROOTS,” which he lead for six years prior to becoming the Associate Pastor.

David leads our worship department, where he pours into our worship leaders and musicians through gatherings in his home, weekly band rehearsals and discipleship. On the Associate Pastor side, David is the director for "Get Togethers" with a focus on integrated community and leadership development, as well as offering pastoral care and counseling.  David and his wife Lauren have also been very instrumental in leading Good Neighbor Teams with World Relief; an organization dedicated to settling refugees in the United States.

In addition to working for the church, David assists Lauren in her photography business, Red Cardinal Studio.

In their free time, the Olingers love the outdoors, climbing, camping, hiking, and photography.



Mandy Hagerty, Administrator

Mandy Hagerty is the Administrator for Awake Church. Mandy is a bit of jack-of-all trades; everything from accounting, planning events and ministering to others. She works with Matt and the church staff to coordinate and facilitate all ministry and outreach activities at Awake Church. Mandy and her Husband Zac have been married since 2008, and they have three daughters; Aly, Ella and Bravery. 

Aside from working and ministering at Awake Church, The Hagerty's have a desire to see people encounter the beauty and glory of the Lord, and to cultivate a presence centered community, that we would be His resting place with the Burn Triad

In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors, writing, DIY projects, traveling and living life with friends and family.

Seth Wingate, Youth Pastor

Seth is the Youth Pastor at Awake Church. Through the week, he hosts Awake Youth at the Church on Sunday nights at 6pm and continues to build community among the high school students through mission trips and other fun events.

Seth also creates our weekly video announcements, keeping the congregation amused and informed at the same time. Seth is a Winston-Salem native and worked as a fourth grade teacher for five years prior to coming onboard at Awake and launching his video business, Twin City Media. When Seth isn’t working at Awake or continuing to build his video business, he enjoys biking, backpacking, music, motorcycling, writing, exploring, and reading.

Tim Johnson, Pastoral Care & Family Pastor

Tim and his wife Beth handle much of the pastoral care at Awake. They spend their time meeting with others to provide counsel, discipleship, and encouragement. If you have attended Awake for any length of time, chances are, you’ve gotten to spend a little time with Tim and Beth. 

The Johnsons have been married for over 30 years, and have three children and four grandchildren. Tim’s passions are prayer, worship, fellowship around Kingdom things, helping people, and bike riding (for exercise and enjoyment).