Use What You Have

The widow in 2 Kings 4 was afraid of being sold into slavery because she was unable to pay her debts. In desperation, she sought the prophet Elisha for help. He gave her specific instructions which led to an encounter of supernatural provision and transformation. In the same way, the principles laid out through this story provide a template for living a creative life of faith over fear.

Journey to Freedom Series - A New Generation: Part 9

The Lord has demonstrated His power, delivered, provided and led His people to the place where they are poised to enter andobtain their inheritance - the promised land.  However, the people refuse to believe that He is good and 'for' them.  In their doubt they reject faith and rebel, which keeps them in a holding pattern for another 38 years.  God must wait to use their children to obtain what was theirs to have and He rolls back the sin of Adam and leads them in. 

God Among Us - Journey to Freedom: Part 8

In part 8 of this “Journey to Freedom” series, Matt shares about the Jews journey to Mt. Sinai, the Mountain of God.  It is during this time when God begins speaking with Moses for weeks at a time and meeting with Israel, then having them construct a tabernacle in the midst of them so that He can be in the middle of all His chosen people.  From the creation of Adam until this present day, God has desired to be among and in the midst of those who love Him.  Today, we have become the ark or temple where God dwells and we were made to not just obey His voice, but to enjoy His presence daily.  Walking, talking and living in Him.