The Praxis Workshops


Session One:


A. Beth Johnson - Faith for Each Season

Beth Johnson is  a lover of Jesus, family, cookies…and coffee!!! She has been married 32 years, she has three children, and 4 grandchildren. She could sum her life up as a collage of seasons.  Her life contains so many testimonies of the GOODNESS of God in each of those seasons!!! It is her joy and delight to share God’s Word to encourage others in their seasons of life.


B. Shaina Coleman - Dance as Worship

Just as there are many seasons that come and go, there are many ways to process with the Lord through worship.   We will explore and discover the outlet of dance as worship and communication with Jesus.

Shaina has had a lifetime love of movement, consistently finding the Lord while dancing. She believes strongly in the power of our authentic-unedited stories, the blue ridge mountains, & good coffee/dessert.  

**Wear comfy clothes and socks**


C. Amy Cruz - Painting Patterns

This workshop will be an opportunity to create a mixed media (paint and pen) work of art that symbolizes a central theme in your life or current season of your relationship with Jesus. The artwork is a visual and physical reminder of what God has done and is doing in your life.

Amy is a professional Teaching Artist and a leader of the Artist & Craftsman group at Awake. She loves life with her wonderful husband, Michael, and sweet daughter, Hallie.


D. Lisa Danowski -  Treasure Hunting:

During this workshop, we'll discover how you can treasure hunt within you own house, and then restyle, reuse and repurpose items to create beauty that is sure to be a reflection of who God calls you! Please bring 2 items from home, one that you sort of like or think has some possibilities and one that you would just as soon part ways with.  

Lisa Danowski is wife, mom, business owner and treasure hunter! Lisa is resourceful and has a knack for finding treasure in unlikely people places.


Session Two:

E. Julie Carter - Embrace your Season with Joy - the Great Treasure Hunt!

As women we face the challenges of encountering different expectations, roles and seasons. Together we will discover the life giving treasures that God has awaiting for us in each season.

Julie Carter has had the joy of serving alongside her husband counseling, teaching and pastoring for many years. Julie has attended CFCI Bible College, the Loyola University graduate pastoral counseling program and was a facilitator for Elijah House ministries. Julie and Rick enjoy sharing in the lives of her four children, son-in-law and granddaughter.


F. Naomi Gingerich - Cooking, Cutlery and Conversation

"Preserving the Culture of Dining-In." In a fast-paced world where families face daily choices of schedules, school activities and "what's for dinner?", the old-fashioned value of home-cooked meals is getting lost in the shuffle. Discover ways you can bring back family dinners and cultivate nourishment around the table.

Naomi is a North Carolina writer, Winston-Salem Monthly Magazine contributor, author of Cooks in the Kitchen series and host of farm-to-table dinner parties, infusing the culture of modern living with traditions of her Mennonite heritage.


G. PJ Lancaster - Bible Art Journaling

PJ is married to Jay and they are the proud parents of 3 lovely and creative adult daughters. As an educator in Old Salem and actress, she stays in touch with her playful, out-of- the-box side.