40 Days

After the resurrection of Jesus from the grave, Jesus appeared to over 500 people over a period of 40 days.  He appeared in closed rooms, sometimes unrecognizable, and He both ate and cooked breakfast.  During these 40 days of Him appearing and then vanishing again, He gave clear instructions to His followers regarding how to live and what to do from there.  He told them that the Holy Spirit would fill, help them and give them power.  He would also help them to forgive others. Jesus told them to go everywhere around the world, preaching the gospel, discipling and baptizing.  He also told them that miracles and signs would follow them as they believed.  This message of “going” everywhere and sharing the good news is still our mandate today.  We have green-light permission to go, give and share.  Miracles will follow.

Craig Van Steenburgh